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an invitation to the new


the guide for your better version

management PILL

a blend of talents in the team


let's celebrate the results
First we understand your vocations and challenges Then we implement the actions
to transform your results
Finally we evaluate and communicate your achievements


For whom People seeking to recognize and value their true talents
Why To focus and define agile scenarios to act in practice
Results Vocational assessment 360 and concrete actions to implement
Duration 14 to 30 days
In a world changing faster than ever before, disruption is the new language. As we find answers, surprise: new questions arise

Dom is the methodology to provoke you with precise reflexions and address fundamental queries that will make up the path. You will follow practical steps to assess strenghs and weaknesses, develop new attitudes and create an action plan out of your comfort zone. And all this in up to 30 days 

Open new doors by answering intriguing questions with us, and get ready: you already have the keys


For whom Leaders with a history of achievements and wanting to advance
Why To design the next career or business cycle
Results New competences developed and change plan
Duration 30 to 60 days
Coping with this dynamic and automated world makes thriving with our real gifts more than a privilege anymore, but an imperative 

Running the Flight Plan will bring you answers in a Career & Business Consulting that 
connects your essence with opportunities that you (still) didn't realize

Exclusive tools as 360 Evaluation applied with an agile perspective is our magic to levering development and achieving results in up to 60 days

ALD method starts with understanding your wisdom, and it goes until the first results start coming up. You also check the project content wherever and whenever in our multimedia plataform

To make your path easier you will
 join a network with plus than 100 leading organizations in the private sector and Academy, besides more than 1000 professionals with whom we have already worked since 2004

Enjoy this journey and make sure your purpose is as unique as your talent


For whom Teams that need to turn plans into results
Why Develop hard & soft skills in an applied and creative way
Results People competent in relevant methods & tools and engaged to the business
Duration 30 to 60 days
Flirting with cutting-edge trends is interesting but it's the dynamic and collective learning systems that are bringing real value to the table

Learning by doing is how the Management Pill delivers results in brief trainings. We believe in cooperation through functional and healthy dialogues

Our portfolio has being matured for more than 15 years, and it covers contents in Leadership, Team Building, Diversity, Assertive Communication, Project, Change & Process Management, Negotiation, Conflict and Time Management

What skills does your team need to thrive? We can help answering this and other questions


For whom Leaders ready to celebrate the results (and anchor the new ones)
Why Create effective ways to recognize and communicate your achievements
Results Greater engagement among intern and extern clients
Duration 30 to 60 days
Daily life can be quite exhausting, but come on: success needs perspiration. And the best achievements deserve the proper milestones

Architecture Lab-Doing is the essence of Coolkeez, a mix of talking + feeling + appreciating 
for companies searching to value their merits and sustain the next waves of maturity

Reuniting specialists as therapists, designers, architects, photographers, biologists, anthropologists, philosophers, chefs and artists we bring dialogues to the next level

Experiment a different way of doing management. Balancing people & results can be the best investment you have ever made in your business

THE differential

Extensive background in business consulting Constant Research & Development in the Academy
Discretion and confidentiality Dynamic and focused sessions
Flexible and on line service Assertive tools used in Innovation & Design firms


+   15
years of experience
+ 100
 attended organizations
+ 1000
leaders developed
+ 20000
hours flowing
Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineer from UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) with a project about People Management in a Marketing and Quality approach. Master's degree in Industrial Engineering in COPPE-UFRJ with a dissertation on the Perception of Personal & Professional Equilibrium and Life Satisfaction. People Management Consultant since 2004 with more than 100 companies of different sizes and segments. Life & Executive Coach certified by the Integrated Coaching Institute. Career and Business Consultant to more than 1000 leaders and entrepreneurs. Change Management Certified Professional - Human Change Management Body of Knowledge (HUCMI). Co-author of the book Innovation in Project Management in Public Administration, Editora Brasport. Honorable Mention of CREA-RJ in recognition of the contribution in the academic development of Industrial Engineering, Oscar Niemeyer Award, 2013. Professor in Graduate Studies of Marketing Management and Strategic People Management in the Polytechnic School of UFRJ
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